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Topic: SemiOT: Dont install Google Desktop in your DAW, or you will be sorry

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    SemiOT: Dont install Google Desktop in your DAW, or you will be sorry

    Edit: i post this, because maybe someone can found this info usefull for him.

    Hi guys. I have been using a very handy freeware proggie for locate easily my files, samples or what i need, called "Locate32". The other day i read about "Google desktop", that make the same work. I doubt a moment, but since Google has a good reputation, i installed it. Big mistake! First, the application never asked me where to be installed. It installed itself in the C:\ drive, and the index files requirers, according to google, can require up to 4gb. "Mmm... well, i will try it a little more" i thought. I open SFZ to play piano soundfont, that is very easy on cpu, and then, glitches start to be hearing ..."the thing is indexing, because the computer is "idle" (it only know that you are working when you move the mouse or press the keyboard, not when you are sending midi data trough your keyboard) "Well, enough, i will deinstall it...." And i did, BUT, searching a little in the web i found this:

    I'm convinced that Google Desktop sucks. I agree that it's super handy, however, it jacks your system up if you ever uninstall it. Maybe Google doesn't think anyone should ever uninstall it.

    Try this (I've done it on two system with the same result):
    Open an explorer window
    Open Process Explorer
    Right click on a folder in the explorer window
    Hover the mouse over the context menu
    Look at your processor usage in Process Explorer

    All should be normal (i.e. no extra processor usage).

    Now uninstall Google Desktop and do the same thing.

    On both systems I've tried this on I found that after removing Google Desktop (from now on called GD) from a system my processor spikes when hoving over a folder context menu in explorer. The GD software appears to leave some trace of itself partially installed. My Explorer process will use between 50% and 100% of the processor as long as the mouse is hovering over the menu. If you check the threads for the explorer process you'll find that BrowseUI.dll is using the CPU like crazy.

    Using FileMon I was able to determine that it appears to be looking for a data stream on the folder. At least one of the entries will always be "folder name:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA".

    Reinstall Google Desktop and the problem goes away.

    I wrote Google about it a month ago but they never responded. I wish they'd fix their GD uninstaller so it would remove all of the GD software.
    And, big surprise, i had the EXACT SAME ISSUE. And i dont know yet how to solve it.

    So, by the moment at least, dont even try to install this proggie. The Locate32 one i mentioned at start is much more handy and less intrusive.

    The original post i quoted can be found here:
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: SemiOT: Dont install Google Desktop in your DAW, or you will be sorry

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    I've found that "Revo Uninstaller" is a good program to clean up uninstalls. It runs the applications uninstaller, then runs a registry and hard disk scan immediately afterwards to find abandoned registry keys, files, folders, startup entires, etc...and then displays it's findings so you can decide what to keep or delete. 99% of the time I've found it's safe to delete everything it finds.

    I never use the windows Add/Remove Programs. Between Revo and a couple of registry cleaner programs I'm able to completely wipe a program out.

    maybe check it out.

    Thanks! That sound like good tips. I will try them.
    The Revo program is also portable! That means that you just unzip it to a folder and voila. That kind of programs are the ones i like.
    Marcelo Colina

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