This weeks multi adds GM capability to the JABB library. The MP3 is a straight recording of the Band in a Box JukeBox playing four BIAB demo files demonstrating the multi's ability to change instruments based on Program Change messages. BIAB JukeBox Medley
The multi can be downloaded Here

As with the previous multis the full Phrase Modeled Performance Multi distribution is required available at Mike's K2 Scripts

The JABB GM Phrase Modeled Performance Multi adds a level of General Midi
capability to the Garritan Jazz & Big Band Library. The Multi will respond to Program
Change values routing subsequent notes to the appropriate channel of the K2 Player to
sound the corresponding instrument. The JABB GM Multi uses the Saxophone KS
instruments translating program change messages to key switches to play the flute,
clarinet and soprano sax samples. The multi adds a key switched Guitar, Bass, Piano &
Drums allowing switching between the Jazz and Acoustic Guitars, Upright, Arco,
Fingered, and Fretless Basses, Concert Grand and Rhodes pianos and GM Sticks and
Brush Drum Sets. The Multi also includes a Brass Section Patch consisting of the
Trumpet 5 KS Lite & Trombone 3 KS Lite instruments for use as the Brass Section GM