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Topic: Scott Smalley Orchestration Course!

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    Scott Smalley Orchestration Course!

    Just got back from a two day intensive course with Scott Smalley in NY on orchestration. All I can say is, if you ever have the chance to take Scott's class, do it!!!!! It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended! GREAT STUFF!



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    Re: Scott Smalley Orchestration Course!

    I attended that course as well this weekend, and there were several eureka moments. Really an eye-opening experience.

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    Re: Scott Smalley Orchestration Course!

    I attended Scott's New York session a few years ago with another composer from our studio. "Eureka moments" describes the experience well. In addition to a load of useful orchestration techniques, Scott explained the mediant harmonic relationship in such a simple, useful way that it practically changed the way I approach composing for film.

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