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Topic: Anyone using a dual-boot system?

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    Anyone using a dual-boot system?

    I've been planning on purchasing a custom DAW for some time now. The plan was that it would be dual-boot with XP32 & XP64.

    Just today, for the first time, it dawned on me that I would have to install all my programs twice. Somehow, I just never thought that through.

    What else haven't I thought through? Is it really like two completely independent computers? What if I add new hardware? Do I have to install the drivers twice?

    Most importantly, are there any 'gotchas'? Things to watch out for that could cause serious problems?

    p.s. In case you're wondering why I want XP64, it's because I want LOTS of ram. Who knows how many sample libraries I will buy in the next few years. And yes, I know to check all hardware and software for 64-bit compatibility.

    Thanks! - k
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    Re: Anyone using a dual-boot system?

    Hi, I have a dual-boot system on my DAW. I have it set up with XP as the default system. I set this up for future use and haven't really made any practical use of it yet. I do know that both systems can share the same physical hardware components (sound card, video card, hard drives, etc.)
    One question that I have that someone may be able to answer, is about installing a software program on both system partitions. Would this be considered as two installations and max you out with the companies that only allow two? I have all my audio programs on the desktop DAW and also on a laptop, so any more installations could run me into the limit.
    Good luck with your plans. John

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    Re: Anyone using a dual-boot system?

    I run a dual boot Windows XP and Windows XP x64 system. Yes, you will need to install your software twice. The versions though for x64 will be different as long as the program has a 64 bit version. It does take me a little longer for updates though but it's worth it being able to access more RAM.

    I haven't run into any licensing issues as the software I use (Sonar, Kontakt, Garritan ARIA player) allow multiple installs.

    I do orchestral projects in the x64 OS and use the 32 bit OS for rock projects as a couple plugins I use don't work well in x64.


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