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Topic: Stacking in GS4

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    Stacking in GS4

    Hey do any of you guys know about stacking in GS4? More specifically I seem to remember someone talking about being able to stack a bunch of instruments in say port 1 channel 1 and being able to mute them all and call on one piece of a stack with a patch change midi controller...

    I have found tonight only being able to stack them and have them play at the same time... It's kind of what I thought it would be but I could swear someone was talking about calling different instruments with patch change messages... which I for one would love to take like port 1 channel 1 and load it with 15 or so different solo violin samples, sort of creating a sub-port to load even more more more on this 64 bit machine ;D

    Is that possible or just some misunderstanding in my cavernous skull?
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: Stacking in GS4

    Go into the stack properties and you can define a keyswitch or CC# to control the instrument selection. Just set it up with the "instrument selector".

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    Re: Stacking in GS4

    Do you know specifically a way to use the program change command in my DAW - DP specifically, but I think all DAWs use C0 controller, which is not found in the list of CC controllers in the stack properties instrument selector. I guess I have to write an unused CC controller by hand whenever I make a patch change on that stacked channel?
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: Stacking in GS4

    Hmmm just stumbled into this Bank/Patch assignment window, im going to have to check this out in depth... It appears that it auto gives a bank/patch assignment (and you can edit manually) to each sample loaded into GS memory! I am definitely going to figure out how to make this work, then can just load GS till the seams are bursting and make a patch list and load it in your daw...
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: Stacking in GS4

    Yeah, come to think of it, with patch changes you can load any single instrument OR any stack. It's extremely flexible.

    For live gigs though (it's been a while...), I prefer loading a reasonable number of patches, and then selecting that channel with the keyboard. It's not all that vast, but VERY safe.

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    Re: Stacking in GS4

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst View Post
    Yeah, come to think of it, with patch changes you can load any single instrument OR any stack. It's extremely flexible.
    'Fraid the part about using program changes to change entire stacks is mistaken. I've discussed the possibility of that feature with Tascam as a workaround to certain instrument design problems I've had, but they gave me othr means' to accomplish what I needed. Part of the reason is that realtime switching of stacks that include convolution-embedded instruments is a sticky matter, since convolution process doesn't witch well in realtime. I'm hoping that they'll keep it on their radar and look for a way to do it anyway eventually.

    Currently, for those wishing to switch between groups of instruments on a single channel, I only see one possibility:

    Load the instruments, and route all members of each "group" to their own DSP station channel. Automate the outputs faders in DSP in reverse polarity from one another (if using two groups), or use a different controller for each group. All instruments will play simuatneously, eating up voices, but you'll have the realtime control. I don't favor this solution, since it's not possible in GVI, but live players using GS3 or 4 migt find some use for it.


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