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Topic: OT - Free concert at UCLA

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    Lightbulb OT - Free concert at UCLA

    If anyone in the Los Angeles area is interested in a free concert Tuesday night, I'll be playing at the UCLA Graduate Composers' Recital. None of the compositions are mine: I'm just playing on two works by Adam Gilberti.
    • Seismic Disturbances (scored for contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet, contrabassoon, contrabass sarrusophone, contrabass saxophone, 5-string bass, tuba, serpent, Eb tubax, tympani, and percussion)
    • Elegy (scored for Alto/Mezzo Voice; Flute (doubles on Contr'alto Flute in G); Bb Clarinet (doubles Basset Horn); Eb contrabass Clarinet (doubles on Heckelphone); Bassoon; Alto Sax (doubles Soprano Sax); Baritone Sax; Double Bell Euphonium; Percussion (Vibes, Chimes, Aquarion and Xylophone); Piano; and and one-on-a-part strings: Violin, Viola, Cello and 5-String Bass

    I'll be playing the sarrusophone, heckelphone, and Eb contrabass clarinet. Dr. Jay Easton will also be there, with Bb tubax, contrabass sax (and other saxes). We may have a contra sax/tubax quartet in the lobby before the concert, so come early
    Come and enjoy!

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