Some of you have asked if the Authorized Steinway could work in Finale or other music programs that support MIDI but do not support open plug-in hosting. I mentioned that we'll find a solution and am happy to say we now have one. This will be useful to not only Finale users but users of earlier Sibelius versions, Encore, Noteworthy Composer, Harmony Assistant, earlier Band-in-a-box, Capella, QuickScore, Super Conductor, etc. etc.

This is similar to the way the old GPO Studio application used to work.

You can download the following virtual "Garritan Steinway" output MIDI driver that will allow Finale and other music programs to see the Authozied Steinway. It's available as a free download to registered users.
Right click and "save as" if clicking on the link doesn't start the download

Simply install and the "Garritan Steinway" output MIDI drivers should appear in your MIDI setup. Start your notation program, then Garritan Steinway and in preferences add "Garritan Steinway (in)" to your active MIDI input drivers and the virtual cable shall be active.

Please note: This is for windows only as in OSX as there is already a virtual MIDI driver. For Mac users: start the standalone virtual Steinway. The Virtual Steinway receives midi in the list of midi input devices - preferences - midi devices. Open your notation program and it will appear in your list of midi devices.

A big thank you to Jeff and David for making this possible.

All the best,

Gary Garritan