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Topic: New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...

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    New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...

    ... and how do they compare? - ie Garritan's new Steinway and the East-West QL Pianos.

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    Talking Re: New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...


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    Re: New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...

    My boyfriend works at Sony and apparently James Newton Howard and David Newman are using East West Quantum Leap Pianos. I still haven't bought a piano yet. I want to test them somewhere. They treated me like an idiot at Guitar Center and had no demo station

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    Re: New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...

    I decided to spring for the pro version of the Garritan Steinway. I also have QL Pianos. The reason I got the Garritan Steinway is I wanted a good audience perspective Steinway. The QL Piano is close, player and room but it's not a true audience perspective classical piano. You have to mess with reverb and the image to get that sound. So I got the official Steinway and it's decent, but kind of lacks soul. It is lacking in the soft notes and lacking in the FFF area. The different mic perspectives are OK, but I like the classic the best. There are some odd noises in the classic set, though. Don't get me wrong this is a good piano and maybe a hair better than Ivory, but QL Pianos is just plain better. It plays better and smoother, has more dynamics, has repetitions and just sounds bigger and more hifi. QL Piano is the only piano library that has the midrange just right. QL Pianos also has the most fantastic filmscore piano (the Bosi 290).


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    Re: New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...

    honestly there just isn't anything as detailed in the layers as Pianoteq. but Pianoteq's timbre is a little fake sounding.

    I usually use PMI's Bos 290 with that script by (damn forgot name )
    Also ArtVistas Grand and Malsmjo are very good pianos.
    All I can Say is...HA!...HA!...HAAAAAAA!!!!!

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    Re: New Garritan & E-W pianos - who's played both? ...

    In your comparisons I would consider the Blüthner Digital Model One. It has the low level detail that Ivory does not have. There have been several reviews in the music trades and you can read many of the highlights at the web site. But in the Mark Wherry Nov. 2007 Sound on Sound review (4 pages) he stated "a brand new piano library developed ...that offers an unprecedented level of tonal control ... The care and attention that has gone into creating the Blüthner Digital Model One is quite staggering "

    We have 8 Grammy winning composers and one Oscar wining composer comment about the BDMO and are all actively using this piano in their projects. You can read the quotes at http://www.proaudiovault.com/

    One important point about our library is that it is not bloated in size just 6 Gig's. Because of this running it on a laptop is possible. In fact George Duke tours with the BDMO and runs it on his MacBook Pro. I think that the Authorized Steinway by Garrian (pro version), East West QL piano and Ivory are all significantly larger.

    Ernest Cholakis
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