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Topic: Whats Been Hot Lately?

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    Whats Been Hot Lately?

    Haven't posted in some time, but since I recently built (well "built" as in put pieces together) my newest computer and have been re-installing alot of programs...I was wondering what new releases of software and libraries that have gotten your attention?


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    Re: Whats Been Hot Lately?

    Well, the Trumpet is hot..

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    Re: Whats Been Hot Lately?

    GS4 is shipping. It's 64-bits. On a 32-bit machine, it can host VSTis, so you can stack, say, your Giga strings with VSL Appassionata and a solo violin and run it all through GigaPulse. The DEF (great for expression on solo instruments) filter is improved and can be applied to all 24-bit libs, and 16-bit libs can be upgraded to 24-bits at the touch of a button.

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