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Topic: DDarwin: About converting KSounds pianos

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    DDarwin: About converting KSounds pianos

    I think the problem with any conversion is that the KSounds pianos rely fairly heavily on the keyboard's programming in either their Kurzweil or Motif incarnations. I've thought about getting one of them myself, but always hesitated.

    On the other hand, since the samples themselves might be really good, it might be possible to reconstruct the sound in Kontakt or Giga. (I'm a little surprised that the developer hasn't created a Kontakt version himself.)

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    Re: DDarwin: About converting KSounds pianos

    Quote Originally Posted by Jake Johnson View Post
    I'm a little surprised that the developer hasn't created a Kontakt version himself.
    Hi Jake:

    Thanks for the information, I was fearing that myself, because I did lots of searches on conversion, and didn't find much on this specific format to Kontakt or giga. I am also very surprised that this is so limited in formats. I really like this sound and I would grab this in a minute. But the only downside I see from reading the Ksound info is that its only a few velocities sampled, if I recall like 2 to 4 velocities.

    So your talking about resampling this into wave files and reprogramming to K2 or Giga. That seems like a very tedious job. But hopefully they'll have something soon or us K2 and Giga folks.

    BTW, Jake, I owe you a big thanks for your past post about using Piano tuner. What a difference this can make. I also use another program now aswell, and you can set your own velocity curve points, but no individual note control.


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