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Topic: KP2 - some instruments "grayed out"

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    KP2 - some instruments "grayed out"

    What would cause this?

    I'm referring to the "lifeless" look of the trumpet and tenor tracks in KP2 here. I've got the default jazz sextet multi loaded in KP2. The trumpet, tenor sax and trombone instruments are grayed out and missing the Garritan JABB logo. The other 3 instruments look like the piano--they have the red background and show the logo. Everything plays fine, just missing the logo.

    BTW, I just bought JABB 2.0 (had GPO for over a couple years now), and love it! Now I'm waiting for a library with more string articulations and choirs.

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    Re: KP2 - some instruments "grayed out"

    Hi Schroeder,

    That's a known bug in KP2 and Kontakt2. There's a workaround for it that involves either deleting or copying wallpaper files (offhand can't recall).

    Regardless it will not affect the performance or sound of the instrument.


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