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Topic: Sample editing software?

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    Sample editing software?


    I have the need for some straightforward software that I can use to slice up and edit samples.

    I am running Pro Tools LE 7.3 with an OSX Intel Mac with a variety of VIs, soft synths, plug-ins etc.

    I have a large array of samples that require editing and cataloging and I dont want to use a program like Pro Tools which is a bit slow and cumbersome for such a simple task.

    What would work well as a basic, cheap, quick and efficient bit of software that I can use to help manage my sample library.

    I was thinking perhaps Peak LE 6?

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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    Re: Sample editing software?

    You also may have a look at DSP-Quattro X.

    Best Mike

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    Re: Sample editing software?

    Peak 6 LE is nice. I've used Peak for years now editing samples. LE can do the simple slice and dicing

    Few others for mac to check out also:
    Audio Ease Snapper
    Redmatica Keymap

    They both have videos to check out their features

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