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Topic: Garritan for Finale in Kontakt 3

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    Question Garritan for Finale in Kontakt 3

    I recently purchased and installed Finale 2008, together with the included Garritan Personal Orchestra for Finale. I also am a registered user of Kontakt 3 and Pro Tools LE 7. The Garritan sounds load fine in Finale, but when I try loading them into Kontakt 3, I get an error message telling me that I have not yet entered a proper serial number. Assuming these sounds are compatible with Kontakt 3 (since they obviously are with the Kontakt Player), what do I need to do to successfully load them into Kontakt (and ultimately into Pro Tools)?

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    Re: Garritan for Finale in Kontakt 3

    Garritan for Finale is also a light version, only available through KP2 in Finale 2008.

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