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Topic: OT: The Weirdness of Fedex

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    Talking OT: The Weirdness of Fedex

    So after I got the Steinway I got my Fedex bill. I was expecting it of course, but, on this occasion it was incorrectly calculated. They'd correctly given the value of delivery at $40 in one part of the bill, then instantly turned that into £40 on the line below (about $80), which meant they'd charged twice the VAT they should have.

    So I emailed them, fully expecting them to have some excuse, and to be told that they were right after all.

    Today I got my response. The tone of it was just as I expected; I was told that the vendor had failed to give a value for delivery, thus they had estimated delivery at the same as the value of the item. This was wrong on every count - Gary had very clearly given delivery as $40 on every bit of paperwork, and the value of the item was also given as $40. More to the point, this was Fedex charging me, who were themselves responsible for the cost of delivery, so you'd have thought they wouldn't need Gary to tell them how much they'd charged him. And they got the value right once, but then sneakily changed the currency.

    Just as my blood was beginning to boil at the number of ways in which their email was wrong, and the number of ways it ignored my initial message, I got to the bottom, where I was suddenly told,
    "So on this occasion the invoice has been fully cancelled." This was in complete contradiction to everything else in the message, where they were clearly justifying all their charges prior to reasserting the invoice.

    Just thought I'd share this weirdness that brightened my day.

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    Re: OT: The Weirdness of Fedex

    Ha! Been there as well a few times but I'll spare you the details. Hey, did you know that FedEx and UPS is planning a merger? They're going to rename the company "FedUP".

    Well, I have to go and record some cymbal samples for Ern.

    Just kidding Ern 'ol bean! < This guy should be banging 20" orchestra cymbals!

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