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Topic: CAVEAT: Quicksound converting to GS4 format err

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    CAVEAT: Quicksound converting to GS4 format err

    Just FYI folks...

    So far my GS4 install has been dreamy and I cant complain about anything. But last night I decided to use the Quicksound tool to "Convert all instruments to Gig 4.0" on my terabyte of GS3 samples. So I started it and let it run all night and today nothing will load in GS4. I get an error message pop up "Internal memory allocation error occured during download. The instrument download has been aborted." The samples bundled with GS4 work no problem and backups of my GS3 samples are loading fine, just the ones that I converted with the Quicksound tool are hosed.

    Well I am glad I have a local backup of my samples and wont have to reload from DVD/CDs but MAN I was looking forward to creating a nice fat template and pushing the limits today.

    Amazingly Tascam now has a call que for phoning their support center! No longer do you just get a message to "call back later" and get hung up on

    So it wasnt too painful to get in contact with Tascam and let them know of this issue. The guy I talked to was relatively cool and is supposed to call me back with a solution. Until then I am going to have to reload all those samples, which is annoying even from another local hard drive
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: CAVEAT: Quicksound converting to GS4 format err

    Thanks goodness you had a backup Christopher! Otherwise this post would have been a bit more heated I'm sure...

    Tascam is aware of the problem and has decided to remove this particular feature from the Quicksound application for version 4.1. In actuality there is no real advantage to converting a legacy instrument into the new v4 format unless you intend to incorporate some of the new morphing filters or smart MIDI features. You can still safely convert single instruments from older versions to v4 by resaving them in the v4 Giga Editor if you wish to incorporate some of the newer features.

    We apologize for this inconvenience and will do our best to inform our users of this known issue.

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    Re: CAVEAT: Quicksound converting to GS4 format err

    yea I would be kind of ticked and unfortunately for the Tascam crowd I forsee some really upset calls and emails coming soon =(

    But I am not daunted by this issue and I am really impressed for the first time in the 10 or so years I have been dealing with Tascam support - they really have come a LONG way! I was able to get through with one phone call, I talked to a guy that actually spent a little time digging and finding out about it and got back to me in a few hours only!

    Everyone makes mistakes and now (finally!) Tascam is acting responsible and friendly towards the users. Great job guys! And even more kudos on such an overall awesome release.

    By the way if you are interested here is the reply I got from Tascam this evening on my issue:
    There are no performance advantages to converting from GS3 to GS4
    format. The only reasons to convert are:

    1. You want to use a GS4 feature that is only supported in the GS4

    2. You want to make a GSI file Mac compatible.

    If you would still like to convert your files, please follow the
    procedure listed below:

    ● Open the Giga Editor

    ● Load the sound you would like to convert

    ● Select ‘Save As’ and choose Save As Type ‘GigaStudio 4.0
    file' format

    Unfortunately, files that have been converted in the incorrect manner
    cannot be fixed by re-converting them within the Editor. You will need
    to uninstall them and then reinstall using the original discs. Since
    you have your files backed up, you should be ok. But you will need to
    remove the files you tried converting already.

    Here's the other bad news until I get a solution for it, the Editor
    will only allow you to convert one file at a time. There is no batch
    conversion. We are looking into it however, so as soon as there is a
    fix for that it will be on our website.

    So in general, you don't really need to convert your GS3 files to GS4
    unless you are looking to do one of the 2 very specific things listed at
    the top of this email.

    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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