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Topic: minimmog CD

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    minimmog CD

    Hi there

    Anyone tried the new biggagiggas minimoog CD?
    Just wondered what is was like!

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    Re: minimmog CD

    Was wondering myself. I got the Prophet CD, which was sort of fun, as well as the Sonic Implants Solina/Mellotron disk, but haven\'t used either in a piece yet, so haven\'t felt like spending more money...

    Looking forward to someone telling us some good news...


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    Re: minimmog CD

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by buchla300:
    Hi there

    Anyone tried the new biggagiggas minimoog CD?
    Just wondered what is was like!

    Interesting handle. When I was in composition school, I did most of my early work on a Buchla 200 hybrid. Last I heard, the school decommissioned it, and sold it on a palette of junk. Man, I loved that thing.

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    Re: minimmog CD

    I played a Minimoog for years; I still even have my programming books and sheets. To take its place I have (for years now) a KORG DW8000, which can duplicate most everything a Moog does. (BTW, I still have a Moog Taurus II, for you that know what that is.) The EX8000 is hard to find, but I like the feel of the DW keyboard, same as a KORG DSS1 I also have (which also does a good Moog imitation). For anybody interested in what is sounds like, I have a very simple song I threw together some time ago on my MP3COM site that has the DW8000 all over it called Positive/Negative. The high strings and the lead (very Moog-like) is the DW8000, among other sounds. If you need Moog stuff and can get your hands on an EX8000, get it: better than a handfull of CDs and more flexable...

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