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Topic: ASIO4ALL+Sibelius 5+Vista x64

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    ASIO4ALL+Sibelius 5+Vista x64

    Has anyone gotten Asio4all to work inside Sibelius on an x64 system? I've otten it to work inside KP2 standalone, but that's it. Thanks
    Anthony Abruscato

    "There are only two types of music: Love Songs and Pirate Music"

    HP Pavillion dv6171cl w/ Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 2 GB Ram, 250 GB 5200 RPM HD + an external 300 GB HD. GPO, JABB, CAMB, Sibelius 5.1, Finale 2008a, and a demo copy of FL studio.

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    Re: ASIO4ALL+Sibelius 5+Vista x64

    I couldn't get my sound card to work at all w/sib 5 in Vista in a 32 bit system. They blamed it on my card being a Creative X FI. Yet everything else works fine. Sib has some weird issues.


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