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Topic: JABB - RTAS - delay when playing (new instrument)

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    JABB - RTAS - delay when playing (new instrument)

    Just bought JABB and I am having fun...

    Until it's time to close an instrument and load a different one.

    ProTools HD3accel 7.3.1 cs6
    OSX 10.4.9
    G5 2.7DP 6.5GB ram

    1. Make a new instrument track
    2. load an instance of KontaktPlayer2.dpm - 2.2.3 (fresh download) -- JABB is the only KontaktPlayer2 library that I own.
    3. Load an instrument. Fine. As expected.
    4. naw -- hate it -- need to load something else. Close the instrument using the "x" close box.
    5. Load a different instrument.

    Unfortunately, playing any note now has a delay of 3-4 seconds. No matter what is played.

    Transport has nothing to do with this.
    Delay comensation is disabled (but irrelevant)
    Very low utlization of ram/resources

    6. unload the instance of KontaktPlayer2 -- and re-instantiate KontaktPlayer2. Load another instrument. Just fine, as expeceted. Go back to step 4 and 5 -- same problem.


    DO I HAVE TO USE KontaktPlayer2 ?? Why can't I simply load the instruments and multis if desired into Kontakt2 (full version) ?

    It seems to work fine in K2... none of this "can't load a 2nd sound" BS.

    SHOULD I SIMPLY USE K2 (version 2.2.4)?

    Is this a known bug with KontaktPlayer2 (RTAS) ? Should this be reported to NI?

    I searched this forum for RTAS, but I guess nobody uses rtas here... oh well...

    Thanks for any clarification on RTAS uses of the library.


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    Re: JABB - RTAS - delay when playing (new instrument)


    You should not get delays like that. The only thing I can think of is to make sure you have the latest K2 player. Also, can you go to the mixer window and display the latency for that track?

    If you are running a test with this one track and not trying to process 100 other tracks , you should be in fine shape. I run PT 7.3.1 LE and can play the plugin real time.


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    Re: JABB - RTAS - delay when playing (new instrument)


    I'm running OSX 10.4.11 on a macbook, with 2 G of memory with no latency problems. I would think your system would blow mine out of the water.


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    Re: JABB - RTAS - delay when playing (new instrument)

    If the full RTAS of Kontakt2 runs without a problem, I would use that .

    You should be able to load all KP2 multis and instruments into K2, and you gain the additional signal processing capabilities and tweakability of Kontakt2. The memory usage increase should not be significant. There should be no effect on the JABB programming.


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