I installed JABB on my primary Protools HD rig (mac). Fine. RTAS issues (solved by using K2, not the player). I don't really have any resource issues... however, every now and then, I get into trouble with too much crap on the mac. I have a full time Giga machine that is lightpiped back to protools -- and I always have a few pairs of lightpipe available. My soundcard is a DSP9652 and I have ram and CPU to spare on the Giga box... WHY SHOULDN'T I install JABB on the Giga machine? latency is not an issue as both rigs are externally clocked and I run the PC at 64 sample latency...

AM I ALLOWED TO HAVE JABB running in the self-contained player on the PC once I installed it on my mac? Can I uninstall it on the mac, since I already own a copy of K2 and don't need the player on the mac? Who is the authority on this and who do I need to beg now that I've figured this out?