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Topic: Custom Brass Library

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    Since no one else has said anything I\'ll offer some comments.

    First off you really need to look at the tuning of these instruments. They are WAY out! No matter how good the articulations might be if it ain\'t in tune it ain\'t gonna sell : )


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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    I would comment, but the site doesn\'t seem to work.

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    Links don\'t work here either... they\'ve been \"server busy\" all day...

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    I\'m sorry for the busy web all the day.
    This place should have no problem on web traffic:

    brass library - comments are welcome :>


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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    Just as you thought Casio were dead on the synth market.... Sorry, but that is what it sounds like to me.

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    Erm...I thought the casio comment was quite mean until I downloaded the mp3..oh dear.
    I don\'t want to sound nasty, but it sounds like a cheap soundcard wavetable synth (from 6 years ago).
    Did you use really short looppoints or something?

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    Hey, you\'re early! April Fools Day is in 2 weeks time.

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    ouch. Nice effort though.

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    Re: Custom Brass Library

    Hi, everyone!

    Thaks for all comments:>

    Actually, I am a newbie in using samples and Gigastudio. I have checked here before and I noticed that there are many professionals who using(and making) samples in this forum. Glad to see you all there! And I post these files because I hope your comments for my self-made sample of trumpet ensemble. (Actually, except the trumpet, other sounds are using sound module, so should they sound like \"casio\" sounds? I\'m sorry about that :>) this is the first time that I made the sample myself. So I am not like the ones in here who are very professional:0 By the way, I still cannot find a nice FFF trumpet ensemble.(or, does it exist in nowadays markets of FFF trumpet ensemble?)So I tried to make this. Haha... May you guys find my sample silly sound? I\'m sorry about that.

    I have listened to those brass libraries, DDSB,QLB,BOB... They have really nice sounds. However, I didn\'t find any FFF samples there. Is it really different to product those samples? I\'m new to there, so I hope my question don\'t annoy any people.

    P.S. Actually, my sample layers actually 8 trumpets together. So are from soundfont and some are from modules.

    Thank you.

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