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Topic: OT-wish me luck and patience

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    OT-wish me luck and patience

    I go UBUNTU or "Bananas". Depends.


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    Re: OT-wish me luck and patience

    Watt did he say?

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    Re: OT-wish me luck and patience

    Luck and patience...

    now what the... is unbuntu?
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    Re: OT-wish me luck and patience

    A version of Linux

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    Re: OT-wish me luck and patience

    I am back. I went "bananas". Ubuntu is a Linux version and widely spread now. It has great potential, they say. OK, I installed 2 versions, one the standard version and only after several hours of searching, installing, updating, amending, baking, slamming, shooting the system I got some sound from my soundcard and only the right channel.

    OK, byebye. The next version had the same environment but was configured to sound and movie studios. After installation I had sound for both ears, but as with the previous version playing a music CD was impossible.

    ByeBye. I tried another version 64Studio and after installation it even didn't start up (only the intro and nothing else).

    I had help from several people. Their forum is great. But the product sucks.


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