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Topic: Nick-Rare Instruments 2-Sitar?

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    Nick-Rare Instruments 2-Sitar?

    Hey Mr. Phoenix,

    I listened to your demos for Rare Instruments, and it sounds incredible! Only thing holding me back is the lack of a sitar. Do you have to include this on the next one? I love the sound of the sitar (i even bought one, but its badly broken).

    As a side question: are there any libraries with a good multisampled sitar on it? Thanks!


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    Re: Nick-Rare Instruments 2-Sitar?


    i don\'t know if one exists, but if one does, I have NOT found it, and I have looked.

    The problem with every version of the sitar (and other stringed Indian melodic instruments like veena, sarod, surbahar, etc.) is that they\'re always sampled with the sympathetic strings sounding, and sometimes even the chikari strings, so the meend, or glide from note to note is therefore not possible. The sympathetics bend along with the main melody.

    A proper sitar library would require sampling with these strings removed, or at least muted, and then added back in as a separate layer with no pitch bend.

    I tried this years ago on my Akai S900 with less-than-stellar results, but I haven\'t had time to address it with Giga and 24-bit recording (now that I have the equipment, I don\'t have the TIME!!!)


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