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Topic: Need Finale file(s) converted to audio

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    Red face Need Finale file(s) converted to audio


    Forgive me if this is not quite the right forum for this request.

    I have a complex orchestral score written in Finale that I need converted to audio.

    I have tried converting the file to midi and giving it to people with good sound libraries etc and Cubase etc but they come back to me saying that the score is very complex and would be best done playing straight out of Finale but with a fine sound library.

    We have had one version done with GPO and we're not totally convinced (yikes, sorry!)

    Is there anyone with Finale 2008(b?) who has a high quality library and is used to reading orchestra scores that can help?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Need Finale file(s) converted to audio

    Haigbabe - Ive sent you a PM.

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