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Topic: On March 23,2002 Download 15+gigs worth of loops FREE

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    On March 23,2002 Download 15+gigs worth of loops FREE

    Well on March 23, 2002 . Area 723 Studios will be giving away free access to their subscription service on Area723.com. We will be making available approximately 20,000 of our 650,000 professionally produced acidized wav files for download this weekend for ANYONE who would like to signup. Yes, it FREE there is no gimmicks, no credit, no nada, all you have to do is goto the website and check our webpage out and from there just goto to our CONTACT Page (Just click the wounded seal icon on the homepage). Our email address is there for you and just send us a request, we\'ll forward you your login and password information to our FTP Database this friday. Hopefully all you producers will check out our Producers DOME for all kinds of Goodies and Do-Dads, Dj\'s shouldn\'t feel left out too because we\'ve saved a spot for you in our hearts as well. But all in all - artists should feel welcome to hit up the site or contact us whenever you have a production question, query, dilemma, situation, or..well you get the drill.

    Area723.com? Why do we exist?

    We exist to take care of any questions, hurdles, problems, shortcoming, etc concerning the world of pro audio. We are a collective of experienced studio producers and D.j\'s so everyone involved here is very knowledgeable and dedicated in helping you meet any goal you want to achieve. So whether your a D.j in Beruit or Producer in Oakland. Area 723.com and Area 723 Studios can help out.

    ALRIGHT HERE IS THE ADDRESS www.area723.com

    Hope all you samplers take advantage of this, we\'re only doing it for One-day (24 Hours) and One-day only..so tell your friends.

    Bye Bye now.

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    Re: On March 23,2002 Download 15+gigs worth of loops FREE

    Looks very unprofessional. Where is that wounded seal? and where is the \"contacts\" button? What\'s the catch?

    Sorry this just sounds bogus to me.


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    Re: On March 23,2002 Download 15+gigs worth of loops FREE

    \"All producer and producer wannabe\'s should rape the dome for it\'s goodies.\"


    Also, you used \"your\" instead of \"you\'re\" a bunch of times. That\'s quite annoying.

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    Re: On March 23,2002 Download 15+gigs worth of loops FREE

    Well, we wont be able to find out if its bogus or not if we cant even access the website.. I\'m getting \'Page could not be displayed\'.

    Actually, I guess if we cant access the site then it really is bogus..

    *** EDIT ***

    I\'m able to get on the site now, it must have been temp down.

    [This message has been edited by clonewar (edited 03-18-2002).]

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    Re: On March 23,2002 Download 15+gigs worth of loops FREE

    I had no probs this morning finding the baby seal or the email address(mailto:babysealklubbaz@hotmail.com)

    Maybe the guys were a bit eager and posted before the site had its final polish.

    First impression is that they\'re trying to be a useful resource as well as do a bit of business, which is a pretty smart approach.

    As far as the \'your\' thing goes, I\'ve got to agree. Admittedly, musicians aren\'t know for their attention span in grammar classes, and it ain\'t gunna stop no one from visiting the site if it\'s \'da bomb\', but it would still be nice to see those contractions fixed up

    good luck guys, I\'ll certainly \'pop in\' on the 23rd

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