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Topic: Emulator

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    Lightbulb Emulator

    European forum members may be interested in an offer I found at Thomann, where the Emulator X2 is offered for only 98 Euro.

    Since the new Emulator X3 is coming up (in 64 bit incarnation) there probably will be an upgrade offer for existing Emu customers, so...

    Besides, 98 euro is a very low price for this sampler (which includes a Midi interface).

    (By the way, I'm not affiliated with Thomann in any way.)

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    Re: Emulator

    Will the Emulator X2 run on a computer that doesn't have any EMU harware on it?

    (very interested in this sampler, heard it in action a few times, but I'll want to use the MIDI interface on another computer..)

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    Re: Emulator

    No, the X2 needs EMU hardware as its dongle.

    The upcoming X3 is said to work without the requirement of EMU hardware.

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    Re: Emulator

    Thanks for clearing that up, Jan.

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