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Topic: Theme Demo.

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    Theme Demo.

    I was chosen as the orchestral composer and sound designer for this computer game in development code-named, \"The Akane Project,\" and I was sketching some themes. I wasn\'t too particularly excited about this, but than I rerecorded the trumpet parts with a live performance performed by me. I am so surprised how much depth it adds compared to the other trumpets I used. (All samples from the Kurzweil K2500XS) Comments Good/Bad or advice on sketching ideas for an adventure game would be more than welcome. ( http://home.talkcity.com/MiracleMile/a_sapp/Brass.mp3 ) - If the link doesn\'t work, copy and paste the link onto the address bar, that usually works.

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    Re: Theme Demo.

    Sounds great to me A Sapp . Nice writing as well!

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    Re: Theme Demo.

    Thanks for listening! If Thomas hears this, I think he can appreciate how high I\'m playing on the trumpet articulately. (I know I\'m outta tune, it was a bad take)

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    Re: Theme Demo.

    Sounds very nice to me! nice trumpet playing!!


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    Re: Theme Demo.

    It sounds cool Aaron. The only two problems are that you need a better mic and more highs It sure adds dimension to the piece.
    Good going Aaron, high B

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    Re: Theme Demo.

    Very nice! Bravo! I love the percussion. I can hear the hall. I thought the theme was very moving!

    You are where I want to be and for that I say...you suck!! LOL

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    Re: Theme Demo.

    I meant eq the highs a little. Boost them that is. (The mix sounds a little muddy) About the high D, is it a part of the Gmajor chord in the beginning?)
    Bb trumpet, right? transposed notation? The ever-confusing question.

    Anyway, congratulations on your new purchases, hope you\'ll have as much fun with gigastudio as I\'m having!


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    Re: Theme Demo.

    Yea, I\'m questioning myself, \"How many 17 year olds besides me will own these libraries?\" I\'ve been blessed to a great extent.

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    Re: Theme Demo.

    Hey buddy, that was a high D above staff. Yea, and you\'re right, the microphone I was using was that of my friend. It cost 30 bucks. Tommorow, after a year of waiting, I\'ll be investing into Gigastudio and a sweet condenser mic with shock mount and phantom power. I\'m glad my Kurzweil lets you plug in a mic into it, so I can use the same reverb the other samples are using. When you said needs more highs, do you mean as in eq-ing, or the performance?

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