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Topic: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

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    Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    Hello, all:

    I had posted a couple very short pieces a few days ago, as a kind of demo on some of the possibilites of Garritan instruments. Both pieces were really short (less than a minute each). The response was very rewarding, and a few poeple asked if I had any longer piceces (I initially wanted to post really short pieces because I don't know if people want to hear longer samples).

    But I'd like to post a couple more pieces here, a little longer than before, and see what everybody thinks.

    The first, "Aftermath" is for a film scene in which a lone survivor walks through a bombed-out city, washed in gray ash. The piece is about 2:20 long:


    The second is for a scene in a toy store after dark. The piece is a little longer (4 minutes), and has 2 parts. In the first part, we see the toys on the shelves in the dark, closed store. Then, the toys flicker to life and we see them parading and enjoying themselves, until a passerby looks in and everybody goes back to "bed". Here is the link for "Nightworld of the Toys":


    I hope some members of the Garritan community will check them out, and I hope everyone likes them.

    PS In full disclosure, on the "Toys" piece: the xylophone is from another program; I needed a hard mallet sound for this peice, and the sound that came with Garritan was a soft mallet, and wouldn't have cut through enough.

    (More pieces at www.glennfinnanscores.com)

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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    I really liked both pieces. I think the first one works better as film music than as a standalone composition, though it doesn’t do a bad job there either. The second one, “Toys”, is fun – I really enjoyed it.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    Enjoyed both of these, especially the 2nd one. It struck me as not only being good film music but it tells the story quite well.

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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    Enjoyed them very much. As a standalone piece of music I liked the second piece. Just my opinion, but the first piece had intriguing elements that would be interesting to explore and develop in a "non" film setting.

    Thanks for posting. I plan on checking out other cues on your website when I get the time.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    The two works are certainly effective in their musical portral. The first dark and foreboding as one would expect. The second piece was very clever and well written and rendered. I enjoyed it expecially well, the toys coming to life and then the sudden exit back to their normal existance.



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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    Hello, all:

    Thanks to those who have listened and left comments (all comments are welcome).

    The first piece was definitely written to convey a specific scenario, so it's possible that seeing the footage with it helps it make more sense (although I still like it as just a piece). But I thought it was a good example of some Garritan recording that people might appreciate.

    The second piece seems to definitely hold up for people both as a "storyteller" and as a stand-alone piece, so that's good on both counts.

    Please keep checking the pieces out and don't be shy about what you think!

    Thanks, Glenn

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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    These are both nicely made cues. I see neither of these as standalone as is, but it sounds like that is not how they were composed anyway. Although the 2nd one would be closer than the first.

    well done


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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2

    I want to thank everyone again who listened to these pieces, and commented. I have been following the forum and seeing the reaction to my pieces and listening to others, and I wonder something else about the rendering process, which has been cited in many responses.

    I am basically happy with the reverb in my pieces (you can hear for yourself if you haven't already by clicking on the links in the first post of this thread)--- but it's not from the Garritan Ambience Porgram. I am using settings from another program that I feel are decent. I have never been able to get a good, believable reverb setting for an orchestra with GA, and I've tinkered with a number of combinations.

    There are most likely some GPO users/posters who have found GA settings that they do like. I'd love to hear some short pieces from other posters, if they could also describe the settings they use.

    Whaddayall think?


    www. glennfinnanscores.com

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    Re: Showpiece of Garritan instruments-- Part 2


    Some excellent static scene-setting in the first one.

    The second one, though, impressed me much more; there's
    more subtlety at work in this one, I think, and more content
    to carry it along... or at least that was the sense I got:
    where the first was more soundscaping, the second was
    real musical narrative with a story and direction -- and
    development and change and growth in mood.

    Both, very well done!

    My best,


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