New Age Dreams [by Richard Rayer]
This piece is completely written as a memory of a piece I heard in a dream the other night. I woke up 3 or 4 times saying to myself that I must remember it and write it down when I get up in the morning. Morning was yesterday and I spent the day notating this and the evening sequencing it. The final touches were put on it today. I have never had a piece of music flow from my mind to notation as easily or quickly as this one.  Please feel free to tell me whether it should have just stayed a dream or not.  This features the GPO Trumpet Solo 1 and Piccolo Trumpet NV as well as the GPO Steinway. I have the PianoTeq mixed in as well but it is the demo version and is missing a few notes (by design for the demo). It is the closest sound I have to the wonderful Garritan Authorized Steinway. 
Genre: Chamber Music
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