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Topic: only 6 threads?

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    only 6 threads?

    How come I can only see the first 6 threads? Anyone else got the same?

    Yep I realise this message could be wasting one of those valuable thread spaces..

    might as well mention that recently I joined another sample company forum (cos i needed to) and it made me realize just how much better this forum is to most out there! Here if I ask for help with anything, I know I will receive replies, hints and help quickly and with a smile...at the other forum i just get a "please fill in a technical support ticket"...(guessed the forum yet?!)...which makes me want to pull my hair out!

    Cheers to you all!

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    Re: only 6 threads?

    Hi Ben, Below the thread you should see some info called Display Options, where you can specify how many threads you want to have displayed. My guess is that yours currently says from the last day. Hope this helps, John

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