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Topic: Buy GS4 from Spain

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    Post Buy GS4 from Spain

    Hi friends,

    i've been registered here years ago, but lost my user/pass from my old mail account.

    I'm trying to buy Gigastudio 4 from Spain, and only find problems, in the transfer, in the shipping, commisions, it's a pain in the a**.

    I hope than someone can help me to reach my goal... Have GS4 in my studio

    I know there's someone independent dealer, and i think that's the way to go.

    Thanks in advance and apologies for my english level

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    Re: Buy GS4 from Spain

    I dont think if you cant find your old password you can upgrade no matter where you buy it from. Unfortunately I think you will have to buy a full new license. Good news is that its now using Syncrosoft USB key so you can install it 100000 times if you want as long as you keep your key.

    As far as where to buy it from, did you try www.sweetwater.com ? I dont know how it works for overseas purchases but sweetwater has the most amazing people and support, plus they send you candy in the box!
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: Buy GS4 from Spain

    Being in Europe, Time and Space might be your best bet:

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