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Topic: Viking Raids

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    Viking Raids


    I'd appreciate any feedback on this orchestral sketch if you have time.



    U/S 2

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    Re: Viking Raids

    Well, it certainly brings a smile to my face! Very catchy, with a dance-like quality to it. It seems very period-esque in that it brings to mind simpler times on the sea.

    That being said, were you going for happy? I would have thought darker, with more drums for a raiding party. But, then again, perhaps Vikings were a happy-go-lucky bunch.
    C. Foster Payne
    Amateur Composer/Orchestrator

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    Re: Viking Raids

    Thanks Foss

    I have a second theme which is rather grimmer and more chaotic. "In progress", however.

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    Re: Viking Raids

    This comes across to me as fairly "happy" music as well. Seen from the Viking perspective, that would work. The villagers on the other hand, would not be happy at all.


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    Re: Viking Raids

    Well done US/2... good string work in this and a strong
    hold on the thematic work.

    Keep it coming!

    My best,


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