hello all,

I realize I have come pretty late to this discussion - - trying to get as much memory use as possible out of GigaStudio Orch. 3 on my PC. I've already read pages & pages of posts about what I should expect and how to try and get a bit more (and the risks thereof). And I know I will have a lot more reading to do.

But I thought I would begin by asking some of you who have been traveling this road -for many years, now - to take a look at my "starting point". It may be that I will never get much more out of my system than I'm getting and, if that's the case, it would be great to know it ahead of time! So take a few seconds and give this a look and let me know what you think, o.k.?
*HUGE* thanks in advance...

My PC is a custom built SOYO motherboard with;
an Intel Pentium 4 at 1.6 Ghz,
2 Gig of RAM, and
running Windows XP SP2.
My GIga is GigaOrchestra 3.12. When I run Giga Memory Config, I get the following;
Total Physical Memory - 2047 MBytes
Total Memory Available for Instrument Loading - 1535 MBytes
Tested Memory Available for Instrument Loading - 667 MBytes (43%)
Memory Preset Config. #1 - Windows XP default

So that's it. Any and all comments/opinions greatly welcome

b myers, composer