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Topic: gpo articulation list

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    gpo articulation list

    Is there a comprehensive list anywhere? Couldn't seem to locate one on the website.


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    Re: gpo articulation list

    Hi spitbox,

    GPO takes the form of a performance-based library. It doesn't have samples of specific articulations, like staccato, but allows you to sculpt each articulation using midi continuous controllers and by varying velocity. The samples have been specifically adapted for this purpose. One advantage to this method is the very footprint of the library: you can load it very easily on a single machine (laptop!). Some articulations are harder to get than others of course. Horn rips, for example, are tough.

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: gpo articulation list

    There are various articulations for each of the string sections. GPO also includes both 1st and 2nd violin sections.

    Sustain+Short (Sustain samples with attacks controlled by velocity)
    Short bows (Up and down staccato samples)
    Whole step Trills
    Half Step Trills

    There are variations on these including more aggressive Sustain+Short patches and muted strings.


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    Re: gpo articulation list

    Thanks for the replys.

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