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Topic: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

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    Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    I just sampled a bamboo flute. Not extensive, only one layer.

    Quick demo here:

    Now the problem is that I don\'t have any space to host the .gig (which is 5mb packed). If there is any interest in this flute I\'d need some kind of hosting service. If not then I\'m sorry.


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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    Thanks Zquarles! Very generous of you

    Lance, glad I could be of some help!


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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    no problem, it was just my way of getting a free .gig file.

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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    Wow Thomas, the 0:31 part and on in your demo sound amazing and pretty realistic. The fast vibrato at 0:43 reminds me of the flutes Zimmer likes to use.

    Is it you performing these flute samples?

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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    Thanks Maarten! glad you liked it. Yes I\'m performing it. Not much of a performance though For everyone who downloads it you might want to check out the unassigned \"dirty\" staccato samples in your giga editor. They might be of some use. They\'ll need heavy tuning, though.


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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    Oh and another thing if you try the flute: Don\'t forget that it\'s modwheel controlled! The modwheel opens up the lowpass filter. Works good for legato phrasing where the first note needs the crispy attack and the second note should glide without an attack.

    So keep that in mind when you try it. Use the modwheel.


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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    I could put it on my work site for a while if you want me to.
    email me @

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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    Cool zquarles! I\'ll email it to you.


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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    okiedoke; you can find the RAR file here (you will need Winrar if you don\'t already have it)
    nice work thomas! http://www2.ravensoft.com/users/zquarles/music/bambooflute.rar

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    Re: Free Bamboo Flute samples!

    Thomas, you da man.

    zquarles, you da #2 man.

    Oddly enough, Thomas, just yesterday I was looking all over the \'net for reviews and free samples of flute-like instruments. Almost started spending 100s of bucks on random libraries just to get some flute variations.

    This will help hold me over until I can really allow myself to drop some cash. Thanks!

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