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Topic: OT Any other software like this?

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    OT Any other software like this?

    I have never had the privilege of learning music from a teacher. Everything I have done has been self taught with the exception of a guitar buddy who taught me basic chords. A lot of my compositions, to me, suffer from the lack of knowledge of chord substitutions and/or progressions. I find I write a lot of Am, G, F etc. While one can get a lot of mileage out of simple chords and progressions I'd love to be able to substitute more harmonically complex chords or progressions. I bumped into this piece of software and tried out the demo. It looks like it may be a good investment for me to learn. I love hooking it up to a the Cathedral Strings sound in Atmosphere and clicking on the symbols. It's not so much the chords but the voicings as well that really catch my ear. Does anyone know of any other software that does this? Maybe one that can do Jazz as well? I feel lame asking about this software, as it feels like cheating, but I just want to put a few more tools in the belt sonically speaking. I looked at band in a box but it seems kind of unintuitive and I really don't want to replace all of the composition process, just add a few harmonically rich chords and voicings to my current stuff. Thanks for any help.

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    PS Here's the link.

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    Re: OT Any other software like this?

    I would take another look at Band In A Box.

    I think it's wonderful.

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    Re: OT Any other software like this?

    Take a look at http://www.cognitone.com/ Maybe thats what you're looking for. They have a program called "Harmony Navigator" witch helps you figure out chord progressions. And they're working on a program called "Music Prototyping Studio" witch is one big composing tool.


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    Re: OT Any other software like this?

    I have heard nice things about this plugin, the site has some nice theory things too:


    Marcelo Colina

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