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Topic: SonicCore XITE-1 w/ Gigastudio 4

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    SonicCore XITE-1 w/ Gigastudio 4

    I never see anyone here using Scope DSP cards other than myself and an occasional visitor.

    But the old drivers work flawlessley for GS4, and my new PCI-e 1U DSP rack for XP64 / Vista will be shipped in 2 weeks.

    This is extremely exciting as I will have 10 - 14 x the power of the 45 DSP chips I currently have been using for the last several years.

    I can think of nothing better than having the extreme quality of Scope devices to use w/ GS4.


    4 more GB's of RAM, XP64 O.S., and a new RAID cage that will replace my 4 into 3 RAID cage, w/ an additional VelociRaptor for a 5 into 4 ( Horizontal ) RAID cage.

    This obscene amount of DSP power w/ the E8500 and 8GB's of RAM should be an amazing recording platform, not to mention a phenominal sounding 96K / 5.1 Live rig.

    Life is good , and Tascam has made this dream a reality.


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    Re: SonicCore XITE-1 w/ Gigastudio 4

    Please excuse this set of relatively naive questions, but can you provide some information on how you use SonicCore XITE-1 with Gigastudio. What sound processing capabilities does it provide that isn't addressed by GigaPulse? I'm asking because I checked through their website and had a difficult time understanding where exactly all of this DSP functionality would be used. Although I have no doubt that it provides powerful sound processing capablities.

    thanks, Norman

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    Wink Re: SonicCore XITE-1 w/ Gigastudio 4

    Quote Originally Posted by scope4live View Post
    I never see anyone here using Scope DSP cards other than myself and an occasional visitor.

    ¿Perhaps me?

    You´re a really lucky man.....45 DSP´S......and now Xite.....Congratulations¡¡

    My System is just 10 DSP.... I wish i could afford more DSP¡¡¡¡...but even with 10 DSP Scope plattform is the best investment i´ve ever done.....The most flexible solution ever done for an audio-computer.


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    Re: SonicCore XITE-1 w/ Gigastudio 4

    Do any of the SonicCore products support 64-bit? My impression is that they don't - or at least I can't see it on their website.

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    Re: SonicCore XITE-1 w/ Gigastudio 4

    Glad to hear another member here has the priveledge of having those fine DSP cards.


    There's a forum that will answer any questions one might have about the Scope Platform.

    I was fortunate enough to use a Scope DSP DAW w/ GSIF 1.7 drivers back in 1999, and was shocked at how my hardware samplers and synths, as well as the B3 w/ a 147 Leslie could be replaced w/ a few workarounds and custom devices from 3rd party developers.

    I still use hardware effects routed into my projects, but there are incredible DSP reverbs and mixers and synths and multitrack recorders and step sequencers and anything you can dream of can be made with the highest quality.

    But the most important factor is this system can be used live and it is 100% rock solid stable.

    Gigastudio Piano libraries w/ the pedal down impulse through a Lexicon PCM91 is too beautiful to describe.

    But when you think about it a basic Scope DSP card w/ 6 x DSP's is the same price as an RME or other high quality soundcard, but they only give you the I/O's ? WTF ^&(*)*(......A Scope card gives you a recording studio with synths and effects that blow away most of the high quality plugs for VST that cost hundreds of dollars.

    I could never possibly buy a soundcard that does nothing, and still has to use latency compensation w/ a sequencer app? That's just ridiculous IMO.

    But Scope doesn't spend all of their money on marketing and advertisements, but quality devices.

    Actually I hope nobody else buys them. That way I can continue to have a signature sound that can be played back @ 96K w/ XITE-1 LIVE.


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