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Topic: "Building" my own Library

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    "Building" my own Library

    Hey everyone,

    I've owned GPO for a couple of years now, but after recently purchasing Logic Studio, I think it's time for me to upgrade my sample library as well. The only problem is finding the right one/mix of libraries. I really love the Westgate Studio instruments, but I am really drawn to some sort of "complete" library, such as EWQL Gold XP or VSL SE (speaking of which, after reading the other thread on here--how do the woodwinds compare to Westgate's? Would it be a good idea to just get the Apassionata Strings I and a few Westgate libraries?) I also own the Garritan Solo Violin and Cello, and am definitely going to get the Samplemodeling Trumpet.

    Overall, I'm just looking for something that will be easy to use/play/mix, especially in conjunction with a notation program as well as with sequencing software. (I usually write by hand/in Finale and then mix separately, although I'm very new to mixing.)

    Any suggestions? My price range isn't huge, but this is a process, so don't let that be a factor. And thanks for your help!!


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    Re: "Building" my own Library

    Ken, I would take a listen to Kirk Hunter's Diamond library and VSL Special Edition.
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    Re: "Building" my own Library

    Hi, If time isn't a great factor, a lot is promised in the GPOA that is coming eventually. So far, the Aria player is working smoothly with the GSteinway and hopefully it will be a great UI for the new orchestral library. John

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    Re: "Building" my own Library

    Buy the Vienna SE. Hands down best bang for the buck I've found for real orchestral instruments. The woodwinds are lovely. If you can afford the extended package as well you will pretty much be set.

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    Re: "Building" my own Library

    I agree. VSL Vienna SE is the most balanced lib for overall quality and articulations.

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    Re: "Building" my own Library

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashermusic View Post
    Ken, I would take a listen to Kirk Hunter's Diamond library and VSL Special Edition.
    I agree with the KH library. I have the Diamond and it is fantastic.

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    Re: "Building" my own Library

    VSL SE is a good library to add to GPO. The only thing I'm not too crazy about are the clarinets. I find the attacks to be slow on a couple of the patches. I prefer using the Westgate Clarinets.


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