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Topic: Can anyone please help me?

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    Can anyone please help me?

    I have been using the GPO for over a year now and love it. I play the Steinway everyday because I haven't my own piano. But recently I changed my computer. I was using Windows XP but now am using Vista. I loaded all my VSTs into my Cubase Studio4 but for some reason The Garritan just won't load. When I try to authorise the copy it says I am authorised but when I try to use it (a) it won't load and (b) it says I am not authorised. I have copied the .dll VST files and pasted into the VST folder that Cubase uses (I have done this successfully with other VSTs) but it still won't work.

    Anyone else having this difficulty? Any solutions?

    I've a monkey on my back and am missing my keys.



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    Re: Can anyone please help me?

    Now I can't be sure about this, but i think from earlier threads that its a problem with NI.

    have you updated to KP2?

    You should be able to search through the threads for details, not too long ago if I remember correct

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    Re: Can anyone please help me?

    In Vista, you have to be logged in as the administrator to get GPO to load correctly. Also, make sure you do not have any toolbars on Internet Explorer, meaning no Google,Yahoo, etc.

    That's all I remember for right now.


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    Re: Can anyone please help me?

    Many thanks. I'll give your suggestions a try and report back in due course.



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    Re: Can anyone please help me?

    There's a new version of service center out (version 2.02) which seems to be much more Vista (and user) friendly. Get it from the unprotected updates section of the NI site. Make sure to uninstall your current version before installing the new one.


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    Re: Can anyone please help me?

    I couldn't find a way around, through or over the problem so I did the sensible thing and downgraded to XP. Now all of my peripherals (most of which cost almost as much as the computer) are working again. I have my Steinway back, with minimal latency. Happy days...

    Thanks for your suggestions, nonetheless.


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    Re: Can anyone please help me?

    "...downgraded to XP."

    No, you upgraded to XP.

    - k
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