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Topic: Jinjee's Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

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    Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    OK I am a bit confused, surprised and shocked. I was working on a piece trying to add a 2nd french horn section playing the same part on top of my Advanced Orchestra French Horn part. I loaded Jinjee\'s Horns \'French Horn 1.gig\' I then played it... woooah - phasing. I thought hmm did I put the same sample A0 sample inthere twice? But no... I then played some notes on both the French Horn (long forte) 1 from Jinjee and the FH LONG FF from A0 - THEY WERE EXACTLY THE SAME!!!
    What am I missing here? Did Jinjee license some of the samples from A0? I then tried the French Horn Forte 2.gig (which is mono) and that seems to be some slightly altered (eq\'ed, maximized and mono\'ed) version of the same sample.
    Uhm... anyone care to fill me in on something I missed? I thought Jinjee\'s Horns was a new recording... apparently not?????


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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    Are you also able to compare his strings CD to Advanced Orchestra?

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    Nope I don\'t have Jinjee\'s strings yet, but I\'ll probably buy them since they\'re so damn cheap. I just don\'t hope everything is the same as AO Gonna check some more on the brass cd later....

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    Hmmm - interesting. I have Jinjee\'s strings and brass. I\'m pretty certain nothing in the strings duplicates AO - Jinjee\'s strings are all solo, and they don\'t sound much like the AO solos. But then, I just finished a project where I used AO Fr. Horns along with Jinjee\'s, and I didn\'t notice any duplication - I\'ll check more closely.

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    its an interesting theme for me as a producer of sound libraries.
    Would be interested to hear more about it.
    I know how much time it take to build a library.
    Steeling sounds is a bad, uncreative and illegal job!
    But sounds like French Horn have a very low pitch modulation, so two sounds of different libraries can also cause a phasing effect.
    You can provide phasing effects by panning one instruments on the left and the other on the right side.
    To be shure, if two sounds are exactly the same:
    - just export from the patch editor to Waves that should be compared
    - Load the sounds in a Wave-Editor like Cool Edit, Sound Forge, Wave Lab or ...
    - Invert the Phase of both channels of one sound
    - mix them together
    Now if there is absolute silence, the sounds are equal.
    But there are some possibilyties of a little difference like a time offset...


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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    I remember when I used to sell Emulator IIs, and the Kurzweil 250 came out. I got a chance to play the 250 and found several sounds identical to the EII\'s, like French Horn Ensemble (coincidentally enough), and choir.
    Never found out who had the sounds first though.....

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!


    I\'ve listened to the Jinjee and AO Fr Horn samples again, and they sound very different - I was comparing AO French Horn Solo KEY and Jinjee French Horn Long Forte 1. Could it be you were getting some kind of GSt weirdness where you\'re not hearing the patch you think you are? Or maybe I\'m not comparing the same samples you were ....

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    I thought Jinjees horns were all solo. The Jinjee patch I heard was included on the demo disk that came with my gigastudio. It is unquestionably a section. You can tell by the natural slight phasing sound that occurs when multiple players are playing almost the same pitch. I compared this Forte Jinjee french horn section to the Forte AO section. They are the same! Exactly the same.

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!


    Jeez, you are absolutely right. I was naively comparing with the AO *solo* horns. The Jinjee horns are exactly the same as the AO horn section - region for region, sample for sample. The samples aren\'t bitwise identical - maybe some eq difference or whatever - but it\'s clear enough that Jinjee\'s horns came from AO.

    Oh, and you\'re also right that Jinjee\'s horns are supposed to be solo.

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    Re: Jinjee\'s Horns=Advanced Orchestra!??!?!

    First of all, I don\'t have access to \"Advanced Orchestra\". If I had, I could easily prove that the samples wasn\'t the same.
    Since we actually being accused of stealing here, (and I hope that you who makes these accusations at least think that you have VERY good grounds for doing this), we will make every effort nessecary to prove that you are wrong.

    I\'ll welcome anyone who owns both \"Jinjee\'s Horns\" and AO and think that they can make a proper comparising, for example as \"Georg\" propose to do this.

    I\'ve also contacted Klaus Kandler at Best Service who sells both AO AND Bigga Giggas and make them aware of this thread.

    As you understand, accusing anyone of stealing are a very serious thing to do. We, Bigga Giggas, have always tried to be very fair towards our customers. We feel that this, together with making great sample CD\'s for a great price, are our trademark.

    We therefore takes this type of accusations very seriously.

    Per Larsson (Worra)
    Bigga Giggas Europe

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