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Topic: Help with Keyswitchs

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    Help with Keyswitchs

    In Sibelius, all of the keyswitching is done automatically.

    Now that I am using Sonar, I have to do this myself.

    So far, all I have done is use seperate tracks for all of the articulations that I want to use, but I know that this can be done using Keyswitches.

    So I load a KS instrument and enter in the correct note out of the register of the instrument and it is supposed to change to that articulation. I get nothing.

    I know that I must be doing something wrong, so I am asking for a step by step procedure of how to do this for any instrument and Sonar 7 Studio.



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    Re: Help with Keyswitchs

    I have never had to enter any notes in Sibelius to get multiple Articulations. Sibelius loads all of the needed articulations and plays them off of one stave.

    In sonar, I put the keyswitch note first, where the book says to put it. I do this in the piano roll, and that way I know I have the right spot.

    Do the individual articulations have to be loaded into the K2 player in Sonar? If so, in the same instance?

    I have tried all of this with EWQL as well in Sonar with no luck either.

    I figure I am missing a step somewhere, which is why I asked for a step by step instruction.



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    Re: Help with Keyswitchs


    I knew I was missing something. I just tried what you said and finally got things to work in GPO and in EWQL. I was entering the notes where the books said to and that is not right. In EWQL it was up 3 octaves on the piano roll for the cello but in the right spot if entered by my keyboard.

    Thanks again for the help.


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