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Topic: The Casa Paris -- (By George, another song from "Madhouse")

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    The Casa Paris -- (By George, another song from "Madhouse")

    This is a song entitled "The Casa Paris." It takes place in a hotel of the same name. The manager, John Gatlin, and the staff reluctantly welcome Dr. Daniels in an elaborate show (with Gatlin expressing plenty of false sincerity).

    This song has not one, but two dance breaks. The first goes from about 1:12-1:50, and the second is at 2:16-2:38.

    Unlike the other songs I've posted, this one actually has the melody in the orchestration.



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    Re: The Casa Paris -- (By George, another song from "Madhouse")

    Catchy and energetic, CoolZidane; definitely with a certain
    arabesque hint of the crazy riding the wave...!

    My best,


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