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Topic: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

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    Lightbulb "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18


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    Lightbulb "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    In an effort to get to know our users better, Sunday is "Say Hello to Gary Day"

    I'm going to sit by the phone for twelve hours all day, Sunday, May 18 - from 9am to 9 pm US Pacific (noon to midnight EST, 5 pm to 5 am GMT) to take your calls.

    I recently posted that the fewer than expected problems with the Steinway made me feel like the Maytag repairman - the lonely guy waiting around for the phone to ring. So I sit waiting.... (silence)... and while waiting I thought how nice it would be to hear from our users and get to know some of you better.

    How often have you called a company and went through an endless route of numbers, extensions, holding while listening to awful music, disconnects, recall, waiting, automated response labyrinths, etc. etc. .... and never talking to a genuine human being after the ordeal.

    Well here is your chance to talk to this humble founder (and resident harpist) of one of the most well-known and successful soundware companies.

    You can tell me what you would like to see in the future, your ideas, your hopes, wish lists, industry trends, any criticisms you have, advice that's needed, how we can improve things, your experiences, have a relaxed conversation, shoot the breeze... or talk about whatever interests you (sorry no horoscopes or stock picks). Ask me anything.

    I'll dedicate my usual fax line to calls that day and the number to call me on Sunday will be:

    (360) 376-5676

    We'll have to limit calls to 5 - 10 minutes or so. If busy just keep calling.

    The invitation is open, so feel free to call. I would like to hear from you.

    My best,

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    Gary, How extraordinary! Thank you for this opportunity, I definitely will attempt to get through on Sunday. Regards, John (bigears)

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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    I called NI mid-April and I'm still on hold. I wouldn't
    mind all that much, but my wife wants to use the

    Wait. No stock tips? No horoscopes? Could you
    maybe recommend a good masseuse?

    Seriously, great idea, Gary. But then, Garritan has
    always been incredibly accessible. It's the only
    software outfit in the whole industry where the CEO
    answers the phone.

    I can think of quite a list of companies that could
    take a lesson from that. And should.



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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    Well, Gary, it sounds like a great idea. I will give it a try!


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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    Well this I won't miss! NO WAY JOSE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan View Post
    or talk about whatever interests you (sorry no horoscopes or stock picks)
    You know I'm moving from London to Athens pretty soon and some info on the relationship of GBP to Euro would be wonderful!

    Now, really, maybe it would be a good idea to have some kind of "appointement" settings? Online, until Sunday? I have a hunch that I will be on the phone forever trying to get through and that won't go down too well with my family. Unless you have one of those lines where "Please wait, you're 69th in que" or something... in which case I'll just pay the Steinway in a telephone call but I'll go through at least!

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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    This sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm sure you'll have a great response. If I can call, I most certainly will. This Sunday is going to be my busiest day this spring, unfortunately. Too many rehearsals and a concert to perform. However, I will take the time no matter what. It would be great to chat for a few minutes with you. Take care.

    Serenity Musician Productions (Gary A.)

    Lenovo ThinksStation S30, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 20 gig ram, 2 terabyte hd., M-Audio Fast Track, Finale25, Sonar Professional

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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    My goodness - do take care Gary! Give yourself plenty of breaks and drink lots of water! If I'm near a 'phone on Sunday, I'll take you up on this - if only to give a verbal thank-you for the excellent software and support you provide to your customers and this community.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    Well I won't be calling you.
    I just installed the Steinway, and am very pleased with it.
    On Sunday I'm going golfing!
    What we record in life, echoes in eternity.

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    Re: "Say Hello to Gary" Day - Sunday May18

    One ringy dingy (snort, snort) two ringy dingy, (snort, snort). This is very nice of you sir, however, maybe no automated phone system but we still have to get through you first line of defense, ...

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