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Topic: K2 questions and issues.

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    K2 questions and issues.

    I'm not sure how to explain my problems. I've updated to the Kontakt 2 player but now I'm not sure how to use it with overture SE. I can still use garritan studio but it wont allow me to add new instruments to my .studio templates.

    is there a way to use K2 with Overture SE or do I have to get another notation program to do so?

    I've don;e the updates and such. At least I think I did. Woujld I have to reinstall GPO and Jazzband?
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    Re: K2 questions and issues.


    As far as I know, GPO studio does not work with KP2.

    I'm not sure how overture SE handles things, but if it cannot handle VST instruments, you may want to look at virtual midi cabling.

    I understand that Mac OSX can handle this by itself. If you're using Windows, use a software midi yoke (go to http://www.midiox.com )

    Route the Midi output of Overture to the Midi yoke, route the input to Kontakt from the Midi Yoke.


    Daz :0)

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