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Topic: need help for choosing gear

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    need help for choosing gear

    I play the piano and am thinking of buying some gear to use for gigs. I've been fine until now cause I have an old Technics that I'v been using when necessary but it's getting too heavy and the quality ain't that mutch.
    So my problem is that I don't really know what kind of stuff I should buy.
    My aim is to use a good midi controler to use ONLY pianos, electric pianos, fenders and ocasionaly hammonds allong with some distortions and stuff like that(that part is new for me but made a gig with ~~~~y keyboard last week with a lot of experimeentation on top and was great). My main concern is the keyboard and the sound I could get from it! I'm used to grand pianos so that's an issue and I play mostly jazz and improv stuff.
    Another problem is the other gear I'll need. I don't know anything about keyboards and amps and stuff so I don't really know what else I need. I have my laptop so all the rest is missing. I've been looking around and the Doepfer seemed like what I need, a good keyboard, very portable and basic sets.
    I just need(and obviously would apreciate) some opinions for a nice set to play on gigs and for what i've seen there are a lot of people around here that know a lot about this stuff and I'd really apreciate any tips you could give me.

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    Re: need help for choosing gear

    Have you tried Kawai MP8 ( not MP8 II ) . ??

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    Re: need help for choosing gear

    that is definitly too big for me. it's huge...

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    Talking Re: need help for choosing gear

    What about the ROLAND RD 700 SX/ RD 300 SX?
    I own a YAMAHA C7 and a Rhodes Mark I, but I´ve used the Roland for smaller gigs and I am still happy.... although I have to admit, that the new RD 700 GX action and sound is better.... so I think, that I am goin´to replace the S by a G...
    Best, sam

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    Re: need help for choosing gear

    tho roland rd 300 sx/gx seems like a must try. the 700 just seems to have too many specs. how are the piano and fender sounds on that? do you also have the SRX-11 Complete Piano expansion or don't feel the need to have it?

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    Re: need help for choosing gear

    another question for samwhite... do you have an amp for the roland?

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