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Topic: Problem with saving GigaStudio Performances

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    Problem with saving GigaStudio Performances

    This is a follow-up to my posting about a problem with the Malmsjo piano a couple of days ago. I\'ve now found it affects almost all instruments. Sorry for the length but I want to be precise.

    The problem is a little difficult to describe, but basically it is that Gigastudio will often (not always) fail to retain Performance configurations after they’ve been saved and re-loaded. Here’s an example:

    * Open blank Performance
    * Load a gig
    * The “default” instrument, <inst1> that comes up in Channel 1 will be the first one in the file
    * Change to some instrument other than <inst1>, say <inst2>
    * Save as <anyname.gsp>
    * Exit GS or hit Reset
    * Reload <anyname.gsp>
    * First instrument will still be inst1 regardless of what was saved.

    Now, attempts to change to any other instrument from picklist does not succeed –the files are there but they won’t instantiate in the channel window whether I double-click or drag

    Note that this happens whether there is one instrument or many, one gig or more than one. For example, I’d like to create a Performance that has the two Gigapiano instruments in Channels 1 and 2; a couple of instruments from another gig in Channels 3 and 4, etc. I can create this in a blank template just fine, but when I save it and re-load, the initial instruments in the files will be in the channels regardless of what I saved, and I won’t be able to change them.

    In the editor I can reorder the sequence of instruments – e.g., for Hans Adamson’s Malmsjo piano (to use a real example) I can move “Acoustic Grand” to the top of the stack intead of “Grand X Wide” which is the way it comes from the producer. I then save and exit the editor and exit GS. Now I re-start GS, load the gig, and the default instrument will be “Acoustic Grand.” Again, since I started with a blank Performance, I can at this point change to any instrument until I save <anyname2> and exit. However, now when I restart and load <anyname2>, Acoustic Grand will be in Channel 1, even if I put, say “Rock Grand” in Channel 1 before saving. I still won’t be able to change it to any other variation, however, since we have exited and re-started.

    I wish I could duplicate this under precise conditions, but I can’t. I’d say, however, that it happens most of the time and so essentially makes it impossible to create permanent performances.

    Any ideas of what might be causing this? It’s a major annoyance for me and I suspect would be crippling for some uses.


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    Re: Problem with saving GigaStudio Performances

    Just realized I posted this to the Samples forum instead of Software, but I suspect most of us check all of them!

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    Re: Problem with saving GigaStudio Performances

    Jim, I replied in the Tascam forum.


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    Re: Problem with saving GigaStudio Performances

    Rick, thanks. I replied over there as well. You are doing exactly what I\'m trying to do but yours works. I can\'t think of anything else to try, I\'ve re-installed GSt a couple of times. Let\'s hope Tascam has some ideas.


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