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Topic: CoMB Length Control Question

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    CoMB Length Control Question


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    Re: CoMB Length Control Question

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    I'm working through some "stung" accents and sharp staccato notes with the CoMB trumpets (TptGrp-Solo 1/2/3 KSm) and have been playing with the length control and not really hearing any noticeable difference. I checked the CoMB manual just to be sure I wasn't imagining this control appeared on these patches, and - for once - I wasn't seeing things So, I pulled out the GPO manual just to compare, and I noticed that in GPO it says CC21 is a continuous controller, but in CoMB it does not....is this simply an oversight, or do they in fact behave differently in each library?

    In any case, as I said I just don't hear a difference either increasing or decreasing this value from its default, and the only thing I can think of is that the messages are getting mixed/lost in Sonar. These tracks in particular all have fairly heavy CC1 data, as well as much, much lighter Var 1 & 2, CC64, and the uncooperative CC21.

    Any ideas? What other info would be helpful?


    You should see the Length dial on the trumpet move in response to your cc21 midi message. But the effect is subtle controlling the trumpets release around minute fractions of a second. Staccato also requires a sharp attack with most importantly a shortened note length

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