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Topic: Kompakt/Kontakt Player Library License scheme

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    Kompakt/Kontakt Player Library License scheme

    Do any of you know how the license scheme on a kompakt/kontakt player library? I know that it will be done using NI Control center, but do they have a limited times if for example I installed a library in more than one computer (multiple PC and maybe a notebook)?

    Any idea? Or any resource that I can look for that kind of information?

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    Re: Kompakt/Kontakt Player Library License scheme

    Hello, Most of the Libraries that I have now are allowing installation on two computers. Some of my audio software allows multiple installations with the understanding that you are only using them one at a time. All of them seem reasonable to me.
    The Kontakt, or Kompakt is only a sample player and is a seperate issue. Without the sound libraries, it can't do anything by itself. For instance, if your purchase Chris Hein Bass, it will come with all the samples and an installation program for the Kontakt Player 2, and the NI Service Center. Once installed, the Service Center will assist in the registration and activation of the library on that particular computer. I hope this helps, John

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    Re: Kompakt/Kontakt Player Library License scheme

    Within the last six months or so, NI removed the registration restriction on their products (via Service Center). You can use SC to register your stuff on as many computers as you want, though you still must abide by their actual policy, which I believe just states that only one user may use one given license of the product.
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    Re: Kompakt/Kontakt Player Library License scheme

    Thank you for the explanations.

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    Re: Kompakt/Kontakt Player Library License scheme

    The NI license agreement allows you to install the product and activate it on two computers. However, those computers can't run the software at the same time.

    The intent of the "2 activations" rule was to allow installation and use on studio computer when in the studio, and installation and use on a mobile computer when you are away from the studio.

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