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Topic: Quick registration question

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    Quick registration question

    Hi all...

    Ok so I'm going to be pursuing a PhD in Music composition this Fall at Lousiana State University in Baton Rouge, L.A. And in order to meet my upcoming needs I'm considering a laptop.

    My question is, can I have GPO registerd on both My laptop, and my desktop back home? I would like to be able to work in either place!!

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: Quick registration question

    Hi Matthew, My understanding has been that there are two registrations allowed with Garritan libraries. That is what I have done with all of mine. They are installed on a desktop and a laptop. I have always found the NI registration and authorization to be fairly simple. I have had to re-install Garritan software, change Motherboards, etc. and have always found it to be fairly simple to de-activate, and register and authorize the new software installation. Hope this answers your question. John

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