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Topic: Journey

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    This is a continuation of a piece called Eastern Flavor. I thought I was composing a new piece, but it turns out that I was just adding to this one. When I first posted this, a number of people said I should expand on it, so I did. I renamed it Journey until I come up with a better name.

    It uses GPO, JABB, and others.

    Here it is
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    Any comments will be totally ignored and all insults will be appreciated. (Or is the other way around?) It is late and way past my bedtime.



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    Re: Journey

    Hi Ron:
    I found the gongs distracting and the overall structure confusing. I wrote a piece last year using the same title "Journey" using GPO. It was more classical in nature and went through more scenery without the use of pentatonic representations, (only used whole tone scale pattern for a short time) Perhaps you could tie the structure together using more fragments and less restatement. Best wishes,

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    Re: Journey

    One of the wonderful things about music is that what one person does not care much for...another person will.

    I liked this...gongs and all.

    This is like a meditation...

    Sorry....I dazed away to a distant land!

    Keep'em comin'

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Journey


    Isn't it amazing how music can be so different to people!

    Thanks both for your input.

    It is much appreciated.


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    Re: Journey

    A world class composition. It's conception, construction and orchestration are masterfully handled. The pacing is superb. Try as I might, I could not find one d----- thing to criticize or gripe about.

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    Re: Journey


    Ditto Steve big-time, along with the comments I PMed you.

    Your creative progress and growth have been spectacular and just plain fun to witness here in the forum.

    Keep it up! (Especially now that finals are over.)


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    Re: Journey

    Danny and Steve

    You two guys are by far my most loyal supporters and it makes my day when I see you guys respond to my music.


    You are there when I need an extra pair of ears everytime and it means so much to me.


    I think I have completely hoodwinked you. With your background and experience, it surprises me how you describe my music.

    Thanks again guys. It really means a lot.


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    Re: Journey

    I think I enjoyed the middle section the most; calm and layered with patience; a more "setting of mood" - a relaxed environment - a warm bath, perhaps. I'm always worried about what's next instead of basking in the "here and now" when writing. Beginning a new work is like trying to start an old and stubborn hand-cranked lawnmower! Thanks for the inspiration!


    P.S. Thank you very much for the kind Guestbook entry. I'll have to remind someone to add that to my tombstone.
    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Journey


    The whole of the middle is just as you said. A setting of mood. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. Whether that is good or bad is debatable.

    Thanks for taking a listen


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    Re: Journey


    Been through this a couple of times today. Excellent work! The writing, rendering, orchestration are all excellent. Very enjoyable piece.

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