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Topic: Intels core 2 duo processor models???

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    Intels core 2 duo processor models???


    i have the Asus P5GC-MX 1333 motherboard which supports intels core 2 duo processor, it has an intel 945GC northbridge chipset, and an ICH7 southbridge intel chip set, i want to install intels core 2 duo on the board, but this processor comes in 21 diffrent models.

    I checked the specs on both the board and the processor and all seem to be compatible, the only diffrence i could find between the models was a slight alteration in the processor speed, FSB speed, and the L2 cache size.

    My question is, would the P5GC-MX 1333 motherboard be compatible with all these processor models?? or am i limited to just a few?? or is it simply just a choice of choosing my own model for the speed thats right for me???

    These are the diffrent models for the intel core 2 duo.

    E8500 E8190 E6700 E6420 E4700 E4300
    E8400 E7200 E6600 E6400 E4600
    E8300 E6850 E6550 E6320 E4500
    E8200 E6750 E6540 E6300 E4400

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    Re: Intels core 2 duo processor models???

    Should work with any core2duo.
    Go to:
    Search CPU using Motherboard,
    Type Socket 775,
    Name, P5GC-MX 1333
    Check the supported CPU list there.

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